Dr. Mahmood Ahmed

Advisory Council Member


Dr. Ahmad is internationally renowned expert on agriculture and water policy. He did his PhD from the University of Massachusetts in Resource Economics (1979). He carries an experience of around 40 years, including 24 years with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, working in more than 15 countries. He led the formulation of FAO programmes on agriculture and water policy for the Near East countries; supported member countries in preparing agriculture strategies under water scarce conditions; spearheaded the World Bank assisted Regional Initiative on Water Scarcity of the FAO Regional Office in Cairo; and assisted in formulating the ECO national and regional food security policies and strategies. Apart from upstream work on agriculture and water, he has over the years developed expertise on agri-business value chain analysis and competitiveness. His recent work sponsored by ADB, JICA, USAID, FAO, Shore Bank and LUMS in analyzing and developing agriculture value chains in Pakistan needs special mention. He has also authored numerous technical and analytical papers on various facets of agriculture and sustainable development.

Dr. Mahmood Ahmed