Dr. Rashid Saeed



Dr. Rashid Saeed owns a profile comprising of sound administrative, academic and research experience. Regarding Managerial/administrative experience, a sound contribution was made for Baluchistan province of Pakistan by serving as Project Head of Sand Dune Stabilization Project envisioned for Climate Change Adaptation. Being a project head, all affairs pertinent to human resource management, financial management, technical supervision and overall project management were looked after. The project is one of the success stories of its type in the history of Sand Dune Stabilization and climate change adaptation. The services were rendered as Chairperson/Head of Department at university of Gujrat and CIIT Sahiwal for almost 8 years, both Departments were escalated/established from scratch. All programs were strengthened after arrival at University of Gujrat leading to the award of degree to first M.Phil Student to many besides seeking NOC and starting of PhD program at the Department of Environmental Sciences. The proposal/Plan for the establishment of human resource Development Department at UOG was prepared by Dr. Rashid Saeed .Having been deputed as convener of an inquiry committee, guidelines were furnished for the improvement and assurance of secrecy at the Examination Department after through study of the gaps and flaws. The services were rendered in the capacity of Chairperson Department of Environmental Sciences at UOG for more than 6years and as Director Academics and Coordination of the University of Gujrat, for more than one year. Services were also rendered as Director Quality Enhancement Cell and Director Institute of life Sciences at the same (current) University. The University (UOG) earned highest Annual Score from HEC during his span as Director QEC and he organized the QEC on new lines. The Services were rendered in the capacity of Head of Department, Campus Quality and Academic coordinator, convener admission committee, convener Career Development Cell

Dr. Rashid Saeed