Tapping the Carbon Markets Potential
Pakistan's Brain Drain: A Serious Concern
The Stateless in Pakistan
Pakistan's Debt Profile
Ben Gurion's Legacy: Strategies That Shaped Israel's Destiny
The Collapse of Pakistan's Railway System
Countering Online Harassment of Women in Pakistan: Social Media Content Moderation
Big Data in Pakistani Education - Enhancing Student Learning and Outcomes
The need to overhaul PEMRA as a regulator
Long-Overdue Police Reforms in Pakistan
Goa Story: A multilateral belligerent India
Resurgence of Terrorism in Pakistan
New Development Paradigm
Charter of Pakistan's Economy 2023
Pakistan's Economic Update 2023
Food Insecurity and Climate Change
International Tourism and Tourism Policy for Pakistan
Food Security and Children
Developing Human Resource for National and International Leadership
Food Wastage
Concept Note on Agripreneurship
Policies Issues and Questions: Cases of wheat, rice, cotton, sugarcane and oil seeds- towards Sustainable and Competitive Agriculture in Pakistan
The Role of ICT - Digital Inequality and Inclusive Growth
Peace, Democracy and Development
Metadata in Agriculture
The Use of Social Media- Major Policy Questions
Affordable Urban Housing in Pakistan: Making the Impossible Possible
Contemporary Trends of Freedom and the rise of Orwellian ?Unfreedom? in the World
Pakistan's need of the hour: A program of policy and structural change
Pakistan's Water Crises at the Eleventh Hour
Lessons from Emerging Economies
Half of the World's Poor Live in Just Five Countries
Overview of the Performance of Economy
Building an Inclusive Digital Economy
The Challenges for the new Government: Governance
Do Cities offer a Better Alternative?
The Information and Communication Technology and Sustainable and Development
Hidden Urbanization Responsible for Low Agglomeration Effect
Expanding Regional Linkages in South Asia on Water Management
Coal and Climate Change
Review of National Narratives
Epitomizing Non-CPEC Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan
Pakistan's Population Troubles
Pakistan; one of the Eight most Stunted Countries of the World
Youth and Development
The Power Potential of CPEC: Is it Sufficient?
The Plight of the Turkish Asylum Seekers
Gender Empowerment and Corporate Sustainability
Pakistan Day Reflections for Policy Making
Drift into Democratic Deviance
Organic Agriculture
Corruption and Need for a Strengthened Integrity System in Pakistan
The Imperative for a Strengthened Integrity System in Pakistan
Inequality and Income Gap
Science and Technology for Human Development: State-Citizen Synergy
Adapting to Climate Change and Ensuring Food Security
Water Crisis in Karachi: Old Issues Needing a New Look
Stability is in diversity: Policy perspective on oil shortage
Elite living on borrowed time
The Political Economy of Reforms
Privatization or Fire Sale
Who Wants Reform?
Economic Performance of Pakistan 2013-14: A Skeptical Analysis
Central Bank Governance Under Democracy
Taxing Agricultural Incomes
Limitations of Monetory Policy
Coping with Structural Imbalances
Crop Insurance
Tackling the Energy Crisis
Convoluted Expectations from Banks
Health Insurance II
Need for Health Insurance
Managing Current Account Deficit
Do We Need a Planning Commission
Polarization - The Structural Blowback
Drivers of Growth
Proposals for the Next Budget
Raising and Sustaining the Growth Rate
Regulation, Pakistani Style
Re-thinking Government
Tax Company Expenditure Not Income
The Curse of SROs
The Elusive Search for Quality Education
The Next IMF Deal
Establishing Property Rights through a secure System of Land Management