A Tribute to Late Mr. Khalid Sherdil

Khalid Sherdil, founding member of Burki Institute of Public Policy at NetSol (BIPP), was among the precious lives lost in the Pakistan International Airlines plane crash of 22 May 2020. BIPP held a special Zoom session on Wednesday 3 June 2020 to pay him tributes, recognize his enormous contribution to BIPP and express our sentiments of respect, love and affection for him. Session was moderated by Mr. Shahid Najam (Vice Chairman BIPP) and the remarks and tributes were given by Mr. Shamshad Ahmed Khan (Ambassador),Mr. Hamid Yaqoob Sheikh (Chairman P&D), Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Chaudhary (Former Minister for Foreign Affairs Bangladesh), Mr. Ayub Ghauri (NetSol),Mr. Mujahid Sherdil (Brother), Mr. khurram javed (personal Friend) ,BIPP team, Punjab Urban Unit team and friends and family. You can access the video of session from the following link. https://youtu.be/yRUaY-TA7H8 Here is the link to the achievements of Late Khalid Sherdil http://www.sjbipp.org/Khalid_Sherdil/Achievements.pdf and the tributes given by colleagues and friends can be accessed from following link http://www.sjbipp.org/Khalid_Sherdil/Tributes.pdf