Report Launch ceremony at PCJCCI

The Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce & Industries hosted the launch of the 14th Annual Report, The State of the Economy: Changing World- Pakistan Reset of the Shahid Javed Burki Institute of Public Policy at NetSol (BIPP) on 29th December 2021, at its premises. Mr. Wang Zihai, the President of PCJCCI welcomed the participants. This event was attended by eminent scholars, researchers, members of the academia and the prominent citizens. Dr. Nizamuddin, and Mr. Ehsan Chaudary provided their invaluable appraisal of the Annual Report. Following the welcome and the opening remarks by Mr. Shahid Najam, the Vice Chairman BIPP, Dr. Farrukh Iqbal the former Executive Director of the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi provided an appraisal of the economy and while dwelling on the major challenges of current account deficit, balance of payment, enormous debt burden and the rising incidence of inflation, noted that with the macro-economic measures being pursued by the government and the commendable management of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are visible signs for the positive growth of the economy in the long run. Ms. Aiman Adnan research fellow, BIPP thereafter presented the gist and key findings and recommendations of the report. This was followed by an active Q & A session. The launch ceremony came to a close with remarks of gratitude by the President of LCCI.