BIPP's 15th Annual Report Launch Ceremony at University of Lahore

The University of Lahore hosted the launch of BIPP's 15th annual report "The State of the Economy: Frontline Stakeholders - Reaping the Gender Dividend" on 20th March 2023. Mr. Shahid Javed Burki, (Chairman BIPP) talked about his latest book "Pakistan Statecraft and Geopolitics in Today's World". He also shared his insights on Pakistan's economic crisis and the way forward. Prof Dr. Najma from the University of Lahore shed light on the topic of social empowerment and gender deficit, challenges faced by women in our society and the importance of empowering them through education and equal opportunities. The event was attended by eminent scholars, researchers, members of academia, and students of the University of Lahore. The event ended with a healthy question answers session by students.