Meeting with Livestock and Dairy Development Department Punjab

On 29th May 2023, The Shahid Javed Burki Institute of Public Policy (BIPP) held a significant meeting at the BIPP Premises with the Livestock and Dairy Development Department Punjab. The attendees included Mr. Shahid Najam (Vice Chairman, BIPP), Dr. Ejaz Sandhu (Director of Operations, Education & Learning, BIPP), and a delegation from the Livestock Department. The primary focus of the meeting was to discuss the enhancement of livestock productivity, addressing various relevant aspects. The discussion revolved around the identification and analysis of existing issues and challenges faced in this domain, as well as the exploration of effective strategies to overcome them. The participants also emphasized the importance of research and development in this context, highlighting the need to foster innovation and advancement. Additionally, all agreed on the formulation of an implementation framework aiming to establish a structured approach toward achieving the desired outcomes.